Rock D’ Runway



Happy Monday Everyone!

I have been on hiatus for days because I have been crazy busy! Aside from my regular job as an English teacher here in Japan, I am also a friend who likes to throw parties. From bridal showers to karaoke parties, welcome parties to goodbye parties, name it, I would try to do it all. The recent one was a baby shower that I co-hosted. We were quite meticulous with every details thus planning started early. The execution was even tougher but thanks to my lovely hosts, we made the mom-to-be happy. I will be writing a separate post about that.

The major event I’ve ever done here in Japan will happen this weekend, July 19th.  It is a charity fashion show that will feature all types of  models. Fashion for all! All the models had to go through basic catwalk training. At first, I was one of the models and the training really was an eye-opener on how bad my posture was. Thanks Risa Sensei, our catwalk teacher, for your help! As the event grew closer, I thought that I could do more if I was part of production, so I stepped down as  a model and helped in any way I can. The rewarding part was expanding my network in Japan and getting to know more people outside of my teaching and blogging world.

Our charity fashion show entitled, “C’est La Vie, Rock D’ Runway.” will be held at The Room, Daikanyama. Daikanyama is in the heart of Tokyo and it is a place to score the latest fashion trend and also high-class residences. I’ve watched fashion shows every year since I started blogging and I have to say our fashion show is a unique one. For Y2,500, you get a free drink plus pure entertainment for 2 hours. Our director, Guillaume Tauveron is a french film director based in Japan. His approach to this fashion show is based on a beautiful love story which is connected to the beneficiary of our show, Japan Livestrong. This event is produced by IPS Corporation, spearheaded by a brilliant Filipina, Erlinda Isomura.
Friends in Japan, we hope to see you on Saturday.

Click for  more behind-the-scenes pictures. 







20140714-211302-76382594.jpgCredits to Erlinda Isomura and Tina Espela for the behind-the-scene pics.


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