Little Twin Stars X Care Bears


20140422-213210.jpg 20140422-213218.jpg 20140422-213236.jpg 20140422-213244.jpg

Little Twin Stars is my favorite Sanrio character of all time! Care Bears was my favorite TV show when I was a kid. When I learned that these two childhood favorites are having a collaboration, I was sooo excited! When I was at the exhibit, I was in cute heaven and I was 10 years old all over again!

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30 Days of Chic

Hi Fellow Instagra-holics!
Are you ready to have fun all month of April showing off your Iphoneography prowess? If yes, use #30colorsofchic on your picture and join the fun. If you are not so much on Instagram, make an album on facebook and use the same hashtag.


Use any of the 3 guides as your cover album. The theme is up to you, but a style photo challenge would be so exciting! Rexcy and I came up with the color titles. The whole time we were conceptualizing this, we couldn’t stop laughing. “Mustard been Love, Mauve Over and Teal my Heart” are my favorites.
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Action Packed Feature In Smile Magazine

cebu pac cebupac 2

Two months ago, a former officemate emailed and asked if my location was in Tokyo. I said that I was not but I was 28 minutes away from Tokyo station. He then asked if I was interested to write something about Tokyo for Cebu Pacific’s Smile Magazine! In a heartbeat I said “yes!” Thank you Joey Latayada of (check out his awesome travel blog with his wife, Sky). Thank you for recommending me! He too was featured in the February issue. Cebu Pacific is the Philippines’ largest airline.

When contributing editor, Charmaine Baylon emailed me, I suggested if it was ok to write about Yokohama instead of Tokyo. Aside from the fact that I don’t live in Tokyo (but I am mostly there on most weekends), it is always featured  in most magazines. She was nice enough to agree and was pleased with the idea! I was even more excited when I learned that it was a two page feature because  all the while I though it was just a blurb.

The biggest challenge was taking pictures for the feature! My SD card was corrupted so I didn’t have any good pictures on file! Lesson learned: transfer files right away and don’t rely on a 32 gig SD card. Check my post here where I talked about my biggest challenge! As I was nearing my 1 week deadline, everything just fell into place!

When the issue finally came out, March 1st, I was overwhelmed with the outpouring congratulatory messages from people I knew. They were kind enough to post the issue with sweet comments on their Facebook wall and their Instagram accounts. My heart is filled with glee! I can’t wait to get my hard copy because I was not supposed to have one. After posting it on my FB account, I learned that a HS schoolmate works for the said airline who is currently in the process of sending it to me with a signed message of a VIP of the airline! I have the sweetest friends ever!

Thank you to my luvies: Rexcy and Ashley for accompanying me when I took some of the photos .

My besties: Felma, Rona and Ria for pushing me to believe that I could do it even if I was almost doubting myself.

To my family for being my no.1 cheerleader.

To all of you who shared, liked, and posted comments: You made me so KILIG!

One of the many tagged pictures on Facebook from families, friends, former teachers, classmates and colleagues. Thank you for taking time to post! :)

One of the many tagged pictures on Facebook from families, friends, former teachers, classmates and colleagues. Thank you for taking time to post! 🙂

Thank you Smile Magazine for making my dream come true! cebu pacb 3
You can read the web version here.
Inset photo of me by Ashley Dy.

If you are flying Cebu Pacific this month, the feature is on pages 48 and 51.

5 Ways To Have The Best Prom Ever

I have to admit, I didn’t have the best prom night back in high school. Junior year, I had a great partner but I didn’t like my dress. Senior year, I loved my dress but didn’t really connect with my partner. If I could look at it from the hindsight, here are some tips on what I could have done. Hopefully this could you prepare yours.

1.       Dress Me Up. It doesn’t matter if it’s expensive or not, what matters is you are comfortable with it and it’s something that you really like. Junior year, my mom had to choose my own own dress and it was a Beaded Prom Dress. I didn’t like it because I looked like I was a princess. I wasn’t comfortable at all because I was the type of girl in HS that prefers to blend in than stand out. I prefer Unique Prom Dresses that brings out the best of me. Thank goodness they listened to me on my senior year because I co-designed it with my parents.

2.       Partners For Night. In my HS, we had the liberty to invite whoever we want. If it’s someone who doesn’t belong to the junior and senior class, it was totally fine for as long as you pay for his cover. Do not choose a partner who isn’t in to you (especially the single ladies). Choose someone that you can share a good laugh with and not someone whom you could only end up staring the night with. I should know because junior year, I danced the night away with the most awesome guy! Senior year, I stared and watched my partner danced the night away but not with me! hhahaha

3.       Style Me Trendy. Back in the 90’s, cobra hairstyle was so out but my mom brought me to her stylist friend who had no idea what was on trend. The stylist gave me the cobra hairstyle! Ohmy! I seriously tried to runaway from friends who brought cameras. It was a disaster!

4.       Circle of Friends. If steps 1-3 didn’t work out so well, your friends will always got your back. Prom will only come once or twice in your lifetime but reminiscing it with your friends somewhere down the road is priceless! Trust me because my HS friends and I still reminisce about good ol’ days even if HS was more than a decade ago.

5.       Be Confident and Just Have Fun. If my confidence level right now is the same as that time during my prom, things would have been better. So what if the dress is not the one you envisioned, just pretend that you like it and walk as if you are the prettiest girl in the room. Enjoy the night away because those moments will never return.

If I were to go to prom right now, I would choose any of these dresses from (Click the picture for direct links)Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 9.26.37 PM

It’s elegant, chic and  beautiful. Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 11.28.29 PM

It’s classic, simple and sexy.

I wish back in the days, it was easy to find Cheap Prom Dresses that are custom-madeIf you are not going to the prom, you can always wear these dresses to formal events especially as a wedding guest. I could definitely envision myself wearing this to a wedding here in Japan.

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 8.04.13 PM

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Halloween DIY Special: Silent Film Starlet

IMG_0669_2Photography and Editing by: Rex DomingoIMG_0667_2Happy Sunday Everyone,

I know it’s not a Wednesday yet for Halloween DIY but because of your requests, we thought of doing something special  today. The past 2 DIYs were school-friendly, and for today’s post, it is something you could wear to your Halloween Party with your families and friends. This was the inspiration for today’s post.


Photo grabbed from Google images

This was Rex’s idea and I was immediately sold to it because the necessities for this look, I already have in my closet.  These are:  black dress, pearl necklaces, black stockings and black pumps.  Additional accessories were bought at the ¥100 store.IMG_0673_2 Closer look of the headpiece which was attached by sewing the ribbon to the elastic headband.IMG_0668_2IMG_0671_2IMG_0670_2

Let me know your thoughts on this outfit. Thanks to  youtube makeup tutorials we have been watching from before, we finally put it to a test. I have to give kudos to Rex for doing this makeup. Although I was seriously embarrassed walking around with this heavy make up. She made my lips smaller too which probably was the reason why people gave me a 2nd look. But this was the most fun photo-shoot to date!

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Throwback Photomontage

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

On our 87th post, Rex Domingo, creative director and official photographer of this blog was feeling nostalgic. She created these collages for all you. Hope you will like it as much as I do.

1. Summer Hat

2. Red Pants

3. Graphic Tee

4. Sunnies

5. Pairing Series

6. Details

Thank you for your love and support! We never thought we’d last a year but we did it because of all of you! Thank you from the bottom of our CHIC hearts!


Question and Answer

Happy Friday Everyone!

Finally finally!! After a very long week, it’s the weekend!

Today, I am answering 11 questions from my friend Vanilla Housewife who nominated me for the Liebster Award. I accept the award from the bottom of my heart.

I usually write about 200 characters for every post but today is an exception.

1. What irks you?
People who step on my shoes and doesn’t apologize.

2. What is your favorite me-time?
I like going to coffee shops. I would have a text marathon with my best friend Felma or reply to comments on facebook. I don’t think about work at all.

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