About Us

A wise Fashionista restyles her outfits so she could get her money’s worth.”


Carey Watanabe, an English teacher in Yokohama City, Japan, shares her life outside the four walls of a classroom and welcomes you into her fulfilling hobby and escape she calls this personal style blog. A self-confessed shophaholic, Carey has been posting her outfits on her personal Facebook page since 2010. After receiving compliments from friends and readers, she was encouraged to make her own fashion blog. Carey believes you can look incredibly chic without breaking the bank by shopping smart and creatively restyling outfits. This blog documents her outfits, shopping adventures, fashion musings amidst her life as a small-town Filipina in the fast-paced snazzy world of Japan.

Yokoso Chic Sensei!

(Written by: Veronica Valente- Vicuna, Carey’s best friend and major fashion influence)


Rex Domingo is known to her family and friends as the ultimate sporty chic. She has been an idol for her cool & comfortable fashion style ~ loose shirts, sneakers, boyish caps, bags & watches. Of course she also has that feminine side of her seen through her love for see-through tops, cute maxi dresses, and β€œreally-shortβ€œ shorts (revealing her beautiful legs!). She too is a teacher by day and an iphoneography enthusiast by heart.

(Written by: Ria Reyes, honorary member of Team Chic Sensei)



14 thoughts on “About Us

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  2. Hi Chic Sensei! I like reading your blog. I love blogs that includes Fashion and Travel. I so enjoy reading about the places you’ve been to, I’m a huge fan of Japan and its fashion and culture. Anime, manga and Japan fashion made a huge influence to me when I was growing up. I hoped to visit there one day. Thanks for this πŸ™‚ kisses from roro x

    • Hello Roro,

      Thank you for breaking the record of us getting the “most number of likes in a day.” You made my day, really! πŸ™‚ I am happy that somebody who is not within my circle actually likes the blog. Yeeeey! This year will be more travels within Japan I hope you will stay tuned for that. The only thing that sucks is that some places we cant take pictures, an example is when we went to Ryusen Temple in Kyoto. The garden was breathtaking but no photos allowed. Thank you for following. <3, Carey

  3. Oh no really, I should be the one doing the thanking. I stumbled upon your blog by luck. I surely would follow your future travels around Japan and you take wonderful images (makes me think as if I’m also with you on your trip). More sakura pictures onegai! Thanks so much πŸ™‚ kisses from roro

  4. Hi,
    I really love your blog. It’s inspiring to filipinos like me, I really do dream of working there soon too, it’s like you are living my dream, it’s so cool. I wish to do the same, but I want to know how you got the opportunity to do it? it seems so impossible for me really, but a fellow filipino has done it, so it gave me some hope. Anyway goodluck, and I’ll continue reading your blog, please do contact me if you want. πŸ™‚

    • Hello Elle,

      Thank you so much for your very sweet comment. Never ever give up your dream because anything is possible! I am a true believer of that. Faith and luck were two factors that lead me to the job I am now. Searching for a job in google landed me on my job now. Best of luck!


      • Hi Ms Carey!

        Thank you for replying! It’s so hard sometimes I do want to give it up. I am so happy to know you just landed a job through google, that makes me feel so much better. But I can’t seem to find any…it’s so hard. Do you mind if I ask what company you found online? and um, how?, I mean how does that work? please email me or in private if you want. Thank youuu. :))


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