5 Reasons Why We Rocked the Runway


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Photos above by: BonBon Garbanzos

Photos below by: Ian Ramos

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C’est La Vie: Rock D Runway, surpassed all our expecations! As Walking and Posing Stylist Kayako Asai posted on her Facebook wall: “今までで1番の感動ショー♡” (The most moving show ever).

I agree with her and here’s why:

1. WE RAISED CANCER AWARENESS.  The show was for the benefit of Japan for Livestrong (JPLS). In the words of JPLS representative Manami Hirose: “Even if you suffer from cancer, it is very important that you each one live (life). This fashion show may teach (you) how splendid it is to shine like oneself.” Hopefully this event will further the foundation’s cause as it is still in its toddler stage (founded 2010). Please like their page here.

2. WE FINISHED STRONG. After everything that this show went through – production members leaving; new members (Hero and I) coming in few weeks before the show; and apparel sponsors backing out because models didn’t meet their requirements – everybody helped in any way they can to make sure that the audience will be given a memorable and entertaining show. Thank you to our sponsors who stayed and put their faith in us.

3. WE PUT ON A UNIQUE SHOW. It’s not your usual runway show that would last for 10-20 minutes. It lasted for 2 hours! It was a fusion of drama, live performances and runway show featuring models of all ages, shapes and sizes.

4. WE  WITNESSED COMPLETE TRANSFORMATION.  The models had complete transformation that day! They were dolled up, styled and they experienced what it feels like to be a ramp model for a day. But best of all, I myself had witnessed how their self-confidence sky-rocketed, especially the teenagers!

5. WE WALKED THE EXTRA MILE. Stretching one’s limit is victory for the 5 core members of the production team.  They consisted of first time producer, first time director, first time model coordinator, first time fashion coordinator and first time stage manager. I am amazed as to how much we boosted each other’s strength and filled each other’s weaknesses. Normally, a big scaled fashion show requires a core group of atleast 20 people (with at least 50 models) but somehow we managed to pull it off despite being outnumbered.

Photos below are from my camera.

Photos below by: Tina Espela1782002_10152506964106422_1332293862737379999_n-210385565_10152506964491422_8269872873113673669_n10530777_10152506963281422_7017071223308854571_n

The show is life changing! I have discovered skills I never knew I had. I have learned to be patient and to have faith in people. I have gained new acquaintances and I hope I get to meet them again in the future. I got to be their “fairy godmother” for a day. I will never forget this experience for the rest of my life.


Event Producer: Erlinda Isomura

Fashion Show Director: Guillaume Tauveron

Model Coordinator: Maria Cristina Colico

Backstage and Stage Manager: Hero Inaba

Fashion Coordinator: Yours Truly

Special Thanks to:  Kayoko Asai, our Runway Manager; Shannon Jih, our Emcee; Risa Ono and Mina Takase, our Catwalk Teachers and Ashley Dy, our Guest Adviser

Watch out for C’est La Vie: Rock D’ Runway Part 2!

Rock D’ Runway



Happy Monday Everyone!

I have been on hiatus for days because I have been crazy busy! Aside from my regular job as an English teacher here in Japan, I am also a friend who likes to throw parties. From bridal showers to karaoke parties, welcome parties to goodbye parties, name it, I would try to do it all. The recent one was a baby shower that I co-hosted. We were quite meticulous with every details thus planning started early. The execution was even tougher but thanks to my lovely hosts, we made the mom-to-be happy. I will be writing a separate post about that.

The major event I’ve ever done here in Japan will happen this weekend, July 19th.  It is a charity fashion show that will feature all types of  models. Fashion for all! All the models had to go through basic catwalk training. At first, I was one of the models and the training really was an eye-opener on how bad my posture was. Thanks Risa Sensei, our catwalk teacher, for your help! As the event grew closer, I thought that I could do more if I was part of production, so I stepped down as  a model and helped in any way I can. The rewarding part was expanding my network in Japan and getting to know more people outside of my teaching and blogging world.

Our charity fashion show entitled, “C’est La Vie, Rock D’ Runway.” will be held at The Room, Daikanyama. Daikanyama is in the heart of Tokyo and it is a place to score the latest fashion trend and also high-class residences. I’ve watched fashion shows every year since I started blogging and I have to say our fashion show is a unique one. For Y2,500, you get a free drink plus pure entertainment for 2 hours. Our director, Guillaume Tauveron is a french film director based in Japan. His approach to this fashion show is based on a beautiful love story which is connected to the beneficiary of our show, Japan Livestrong. This event is produced by IPS Corporation, spearheaded by a brilliant Filipina, Erlinda Isomura.
Friends in Japan, we hope to see you on Saturday.

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Never Bikini Ready


Photos by: Rex Domingo

Location: Miibaru Beach, Okinawa, Japan







I have been bitten by the “blogger’s block” bug! I am in the process of reformatting the blog in time for the 2nd year anniversary  that I have no idea what to post! I have these pictures from Okinawa just sitting and waiting but I was hesitant to post it because I am being reminded that I have been eating more and exercising less! But then I realized, I was never been bikini ready but I’ve always enjoyed summer because I like to going to the beach. I could imagine my Argentinean friend Gaby would roll her eyes and say: “what bikini body are you talking about?” So I will embrace my imperfections and wear the right bathing suit to hide my flaws. Not to mention, posing for the camera properly and just continue swimming! Cannot wait to body board this summer break!

Thank you for reading and have a great weekend!



Shirt Dress & New Do



Shirt Dress- Veronica’s Closet || Purse- Michael Kors || Shoes- Esperanza

Photos by Rex Domingo







Happy Weekend Everyone!

How do you like my new hairdo? It feels weird having a darker hair color but it’ll lighten up in the coming weeks for sure. Would you believe that only a few of my students noticed my new look?Hmmmm!! I haven’t shopped for new outfits for awhile now. And I was cleaning my closet, I found this shirt dress! I can’t even remember the last time I wore this.  What’s great is that shirt dress is a trend, now! *happy dance*

On the other note, thank you for all your birthday messages! You really know how to make my heart skip. I can’t believe how fast this month flew. My birthday month will be over soon and it has been a roller coaster ride for me. I know in my heart that because I am keeping my faith that there’s always a rainbow after every storm. Experience indeed is a great teacher and I am hoping that a new version of me will emerge.
Thank you so much for reading!



Birthday Weekend in Macau (Part 1)

Hi Everyone!

I just got back from a short trip with DH in Hong Kong and Macau. I thought of posting some pictures that I took when we went hotel-hopping. Going to Macau was second highlight of my birthday weekend. First was my meet up with my best friend, Felma and her family in Hong Kong. DH and I sort of promised that we will try to go back to Macau one day and stay in one of the hotels there because it was just grandiose! We only went there for a day so it was way too short because the hotel that we were booked at was in Hong Kong. I really enjoyed taking pictures of the scenery but I don’t have outfit pictures.

Thank you for reading and I hope you will like the pictures.




City of Dreams


The Venetian




Rompering In Izu



Romper- H&M || Hat- B’2nd || Beach Bag- Fendi || Flipflops- Havaiianas

Photos by Rex Domingo

Hi Everyone!

It’s my 5-day birthday weekend! Yeeeey! 🙂 Here’s a quick post about my trip to Izu, Shizuoka. I have to say body boarding is officially my favorite water sport! I can’t wait to go back in September. I only boarded for a short time because the main reason for our trip was a maternity photo shoot for our good friend. I honestly wasn’t photo shoot ready, no make up at all! I just put on this romper and wore my hat after my swim! The wonders of accessories! I will be leaving for Hongkong in 2 days, recommendations, please?
Thank you for reading and have a great week ahead!

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Carey Flintstone



Top- Zara || Shoes- Jessica Simpson ||Purse- Celine (Vintage) || Pants- H&M ||Hairstyle– Rex D.

Photography by: Rex Domimgo ( follow her on Instagram here)







Happy Weekend Everyone!
If you are wondering about the title, it’s because a guy friend of mine thinks that the leopard print is “yabba daba doo” and not “raaaaawr.” Funny and cute!
What’s keeping you busy these days? It’s a Saturday here in Yokohama and I’m working. 3 more days to go it’s officially my holiday. How awesome is it that I have a 6day weekend and in time
for my birthday too! My plans? I am
off to Hongkong with DH and meet my best friend Felma and her family there. I am excited but I have so many things on my plate so I will have to take it one day at a time. Tomorrow I am off to Izu, Shizuoka for a photoshoot! Chic Sensei team is excited to do a maternity photoshoot for a friend. We are so nervous coz it’s our first time! We will do our very best and will definitely share some photos here on the blog.
Thank you for reading!

Sunday’s Best


Dress- Gifted by Ria and Rexcy || Shoes– Esperanza ||Pearl Necklace– Figrose Mary|| Purse– Celine Paris

Happy Sunday Everyone!

It has been raining for the past 3 days and the cool breeze is making me want to just stay in bed. I wore this dress when I went to church last week. I don’t get to go to church every weekend because the one I always go to is far from where I live. There is a church nearby but the one in Tokyo feels like home to me. Are you religious? I am but not hard-core. I do respect everybody’s view on religion and those who doesn’t have.  I have a big faith and I know that everything that I am right now is in accordance to His purpose. When I am feeling down I would just just tell myself this: “He will not give me problems that I can’t  handle.” So if you are are going through something right now, keep the faith because “He will make a way when there seems to be no way.”

Thank you for reading and have a blessed weekend!


Yokohama’s First Hanabi ’14


It’s officially summer in Japan and what a way to kick  off the season by witnessing the First Fireworks Festival of the year here in the city of Yokohama. June 2nd was a holiday for us because it was the 155th Anniversary of the Opening of the Port of Yokohama. My friend Mark reserved a spot right in front of the “control boat” of the fireworks. The best part of it all is having to hangout with my friends in a picnic setting! We usually wait 2-3 hours before the show but  always have the best “killing time” – food, drinks and laughter! And the second best part is having to take successful photos of the fireworks. Hope you will like the photos.


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