FROM TOP LEFT, CLOCKWISE: Header for the blog made by my friend Hiro; I left my heart at a jewelry store in Shibuya (still thinking if I should buy it); A newly discovered pancake haven; A letter from a student that made me teary eyed for the first time; Valentine afternoon with DH (Dear Husband); Rendezvous with my cousin Nat with his wife Ai who were in town for their honeymoon from the Philippines.We rode one of the biggest ferriswheel in the world in Sakuragicho.
I am not a big sushi fan but my cousin Nat and his wife Ai happened to pass by the coolest Sushi place in Shibuya. On their last night in Japan we went there for dinner! Indulging in sushi was never been this fun! It was foreigner friendly! You just simply key in your order in your own screen and your order will arrive through a conveyor right infront of you. My favoite was their meat sushi and their cheese salmon sushi.
Genki Sushi is the place to be! Visit their website here for a branch near you!



Hi Everyone,

Just a quick hello!



P.S. The title says it all!

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CLOCKWISE FROM THE TOP LEFT:Meet up with my new friend Ann; flowers for me from Richel; Crunchy mocha frappuccino is this season’s addiction; Facebook profile mania in Dumaguete by Benzi; waffles and coffee with Richel; Cecilia and I at the first Genki Sillimanian meet up; Random outfit post; my current favorite goldies.



I really really love Richel’s follie follie matching accessories ❤