Casual Weekend



Shirt-Anedemiu || Skinny Jeans– Gap ||Espadrilles– Bobs By Skechers || Purse– Celine Paris

Photos by Melissa Kate and Gaby







Happy Monday Everyone!

It’s a holiday in the City of Yokohama because it marks the 155th Anniversary of the Yokohama Port Opening. I get to have a day to relax after a busy fun weekend with my friends. June is my birthday month, yeeeeey!!! I won’t be having a big celebration unlike the previous years, just some quiet time with D’ Hubs. I am excited that I don’t need to think of a birthday outfit! On the other note, I would like to give a big shout to my friends Melissa and Gaby for helping me in today’s post. It’s their first time to shoot me and they were very patient in following my directions. Thank you girls! ❤

Thank you for reading a have a great week ahead!




Summer Hat



Dress- Bayo || Denim Jacket- Zara || Shoes- Esperanza ||Purse- Burberry Blue Label || Hat- B’2nd

Photography by: Rex Domimgo ( follow her on Instagram here)


Hi Everyone!

How do you like my hat? It was love at second sight! I originally wanted the black and beige version but it was not on sale! I wanted to think about it before purchasing it and it was haunting me that I had to go buy it. Unfortunately it was already sold out when I went back after a week! After a few minutes of pep talk with my photographer friend Rex, I decided to buy the maroon version. Because it was beyond my budget for a hat, I have decided to make this my official summer hat! It’s hard find a hat what would complement my round feature. I did look around since the start of spring but tough luck! Are you like that when you shop for the “unimportant stuff.” Once in awhile I guess it’s ok to splurge, once per season! *wink*

Thank you for reading!



The Midi Skirt

20140522-232356-84236016.jpg 20140522-232216-84136950.jpg

Top- Zara || Skirt- Chic Sensei x Re-dress || Shoes- Esperanza || Purse- Three Four Time

Photos by: Rex Domingo (follow her Instagram here)20140522-232216-84136570.jpg 20140522-232216-84136196.jpg20140522-232509-84309238.jpg 20140522-232355-84235675.jpg 20140522-232301-84181408.jpg20140522-231701-83821123.jpg20140522-232302-84182144.jpgHappy Weekend Everyone!

I am very girly and I love wearing skirts! As a matter of fact, I more comfortable when I wear a dress than jeans. It’s easy breezy!
The midi balloon skirt is a trend this season. If it’s a skirt trend I am up for it! But what is so special is that this is made in the Philippines. I collaborated with my best friend Rona for a skirt line. Comes with printed skirts too.
How to order, send me your waist measurement and desired length and we will have it made especially for you. Don’t forget the color too! Inquiries, email me at

Today is my Mama’s 60th birthday! I wanna give a big shout out to the woman once told me that: “A woman must always have a beautiful dress in her closet for unexpected occasions.”

Thank you for reading!


20140515-160940.jpg 20140515-161014.jpg20140515-224826.jpg


Shirt- Uniqlo X Disney  || Blazer– H&M || Pants– Zara || Pearl Accessories – Figrose || Shoes– Esperanza || Purse– Celine

Photography by: Rex Domingo (follow her on Instagram here)

20140515-160955.jpg 20140515-161028.jpg 20140515-161040.jpg 20140515-161051.jpg 20140515-161203.jpg OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHappy Friday Everyone!!

I hope you are all healthy and well! I was down with a  cold a few days ago and thank  God  I am back on my feet ready to roll.

When the school year started, my students especially the little ones would say: 先生顔かわったね (Your face changed)!Seriously kids don’t lie and I am trying figure out why they think my face changed! Maybe it’s color of my hair which shocked me after 3 weeks of having it colored! The color went crazy bright and I think It’s because I swim once or twice a week. I had it colored  back to ash brown as I am writing this. Yeeey!

Mickey, our favorite mouse is everywhere in Japan these days! Disney is collaborating with most retail shops. The prices are crazy expensive except for this shirt that I got from Uniqlo for ¥990. Lucky me! My friend Melissa Kate who makes my pearl necklaces has an online shop. I am sooo lucky that I have a friend who makes accessories and it’s 1/4 of how much it is being sold in the store! I am one lucky girl! Anyhoo, enjoy the weekend!


Color Me Kawaii



Top-Archive || Pants- Honey’s || Coat- Gap || Slip On- Vans X Rollicking

Photography and Edit by Rex  Domingo (follow her on Instagram here)

20140509-223611.jpgI am currently reading this book! I thought of reading it before the movie will be released! But I was bummed out that it doesn’t have a release date here in Japan! *very sad*20140509-224526.jpg20140509-224602.jpg20140509-224542.jpg20140509-231022.jpg20140509-224649.jpg

I noticed that most of my recent outfit posts, I have been using my white and off-white pumps. I seriously didn’t notice it! I have to admit, this season I am obsessing on the color white! So today, I wanted to post an outfit of what I wore to work. Yes, I am very colorful! Colors make me really happy. My job as an elementary school teacher involves a lot of movements. So comfort and pretty are 2 ingredients that I always consider on work outfits. I wear a different shoes inside the school building though, Japanese tradition!
I was looking for slip-ons last month and I came across with these cute pair from Vans! I seriously was hesitant to buy it because I thought it wasn’t age appropriate. My  Japanese friend Aya said: “You are living in Japan, kawaii is accepted regardless of age!”  I didn’t need a lot of convincing, it was on sale!
Have a fabulous weekend and Happy Mother’s day to all the Mommies in the world!


Rainbow Bright


Blouse- Zara || Skirt- Bayo || Denim Jacket- Zara || Shoes- Diana || Purse- Michael Kors


Hi Everyone!
Today is the last day of the Colors of Chic Photo-a-day Challenge and I thought of ending the month with the color of the day which is “RAINBOW Bright.” If you are on instagram, check out the gallery through #30daysofchic of our friends who joined the challenge.
Spring used to be my favorite season but this year, I have succumbed to pollen allergies that it affected my eyes and my skin! If you noticed in my previous posts, I have been wearing glasses because my ophtalmologist suggested that I couldn’t wear contact lenses until my allergies will subside. Now that it did, my skin was next and apparently I am allergic to the pollen of this tree called Hinoki. The bad news is, we have two of that tree in our garden! Booooo! Thanks to my dermatologist, my allergies are controlled! Seriously? Will this be happening every year? Poor me!
How did the month of April go for you? I hope you had a blast because I surely did! I am looking forward to what May will have in store for me.
And I will never ever fail to say: THANK YOU sooooo much for visiting the blog today. You have no idea how you made my day when I see your flag popping in the “view section.”
Thank you for reading! Have a nice day, wherever you are! ❤

Leopard Parade


Denim Coat- Forever 21 || Dress- Netto de Mammina || Espadrilles- Bobs from Skechers || Purse- Versace

Photos by: Ashley Dy



Hi Everyone,

Just a quick hello and I hope you are all having a great weekend so far. If you are in Japan, grab a free copy of the FilJap Magazine. My friends Ashley, Gervin and I are in their “Faces” feature. Thank you EIC-Friend Florenda “Dang” Cruz for your support.

Thank you for dropping  by.