Summer Hat



Dress- Bayo || Denim Jacket- Zara || Shoes- Esperanza ||Purse- Burberry Blue Label || Hat- B’2nd

Photography by: Rex Domimgo ( follow her on Instagram here)


Hi Everyone!

How do you like my hat? It was love at second sight! I originally wanted the black and beige version but it was not on sale! I wanted to think about it before purchasing it and it was haunting me that I had to go buy it. Unfortunately it was already sold out when I went back after a week! After a few minutes of pep talk with my photographer friend Rex, I decided to buy the maroon version. Because it was beyond my budget for a hat, I have decided to make this my official summer hat! It’s hard find a hat what would complement my round feature. I did look around since the start of spring but tough luck! Are you like that when you shop for the “unimportant stuff.” Once in awhile I guess it’s ok to splurge, once per season! *wink*

Thank you for reading!




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