20140515-160940.jpg 20140515-161014.jpg20140515-224826.jpg


Shirt- Uniqlo X Disney  || Blazer– H&M || Pants– Zara || Pearl Accessories – Figrose || Shoes– Esperanza || Purse– Celine

Photography by: Rex Domingo (follow her on Instagram here)

20140515-160955.jpg 20140515-161028.jpg 20140515-161040.jpg 20140515-161051.jpg 20140515-161203.jpg OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHappy Friday Everyone!!

I hope you are all healthy and well! I was down with a  cold a few days ago and thank  God  I am back on my feet ready to roll.

When the school year started, my students especially the little ones would say: 先生顔かわったね (Your face changed)!Seriously kids don’t lie and I am trying figure out why they think my face changed! Maybe it’s color of my hair which shocked me after 3 weeks of having it colored! The color went crazy bright and I think It’s because I swim once or twice a week. I had it colored  back to ash brown as I am writing this. Yeeey!

Mickey, our favorite mouse is everywhere in Japan these days! Disney is collaborating with most retail shops. The prices are crazy expensive except for this shirt that I got from Uniqlo for ¥990. Lucky me! My friend Melissa Kate who makes my pearl necklaces has an online shop. I am sooo lucky that I have a friend who makes accessories and it’s 1/4 of how much it is being sold in the store! I am one lucky girl! Anyhoo, enjoy the weekend!



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