Color Me Kawaii



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Photography and Edit by Rex  Domingo (follow her on Instagram here)

20140509-223611.jpgI am currently reading this book! I thought of reading it before the movie will be released! But I was bummed out that it doesn’t have a release date here in Japan! *very sad*20140509-224526.jpg20140509-224602.jpg20140509-224542.jpg20140509-231022.jpg20140509-224649.jpg

I noticed that most of my recent outfit posts, I have been using my white and off-white pumps. I seriously didn’t notice it! I have to admit, this season I am obsessing on the color white! So today, I wanted to post an outfit of what I wore to work. Yes, I am very colorful! Colors make me really happy. My job as an elementary school teacher involves a lot of movements. So comfort and pretty are 2 ingredients that I always consider on work outfits. I wear a different shoes inside the school building though, Japanese tradition!
I was looking for slip-ons last month and I came across with these cute pair from Vans! I seriously was hesitant to buy it because I thought it wasn’t age appropriate. My  Japanese friend Aya said: “You are living in Japan, kawaii is accepted regardless of age!”  I didn’t need a lot of convincing, it was on sale!
Have a fabulous weekend and Happy Mother’s day to all the Mommies in the world!



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