10 Selfies and Its Titles


CAUTION: Click at your own risk!

Selfies in random order:

1. The Duck Face Selfie20140401-221059.jpg

2. The Un-Duck Selfie20140401-221115.jpg

3. The Camera 360 Selfie

Face fix: Smoothing (checked); Whiten (checked); Skin Tone (checked); Shading (checked); Eye Enlarge (checked); Face Slim (checked)!20140401-221129.jpg4. The Japanese Pose Selfie20140401-221141.jpg5. The Photo-Grid Selfie20140401-221154.jpg

6. My Tooth Hurts Selfie20140401-221205.jpg

7. The Sparrow Selfie (THIS IS ON TREND RIGHT NOW!)

How to achieve this: Open eyes as big as you can go, slightly open mouth just like a sparrow that’s ready to eat.

MY ATTEMPTS:20140401-221219.jpg

This is as far as I can go! Can i change the name to: The Most Difficult Selfie?20140401-221226.jpg

8. Pretending to be Asleep Selfie20140401-221838.jpg

9. The Un-SelfiePhoto on 4-1-14 at 11.05 PM #4


10.  I-Woke-Up-Like-This Selfie

20140401-234003.jpgNOT! I had no time to do this in the morning because it won’t be April 1st in Japan so make this: I-Just-Put-So-Much-Moisturizer-Now-It’s-Time-To-Sleep Selfie!

I do not take credits for all these selfies (I am not a big fan, I am an amateur on this)! But thank you to the people I follow on Instagram for the inspiration!


Special thanks to Rex D. for helping me come up with the list.


5 thoughts on “10 Selfies and Its Titles

  1. J.. I am checking your post now, duck face was soooo ages ago indeed!! Sparrow Selfie is IN especially here in Japan! But ohmygolly.. I tried to practice for days, wala japon.. trying hard kaayo!

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