30 Days of Chic

Hi Fellow Instagra-holics!
Are you ready to have fun all month of April showing off your Iphoneography prowess? If yes, use #30colorsofchic on your picture and join the fun. If you are not so much on Instagram, make an album on facebook and use the same hashtag.


Use any of the 3 guides as your cover album. The theme is up to you, but a style photo challenge would be so exciting! Rexcy and I came up with the color titles. The whole time we were conceptualizing this, we couldn’t stop laughing. “Mustard been Love, Mauve Over and Teal my Heart” are my favorites.
Follow me on Instagram here. Leave a comment and I will follow you back if you are an active user. Tag your friends on your picture and who knows they too would join the fun.;


5 thoughts on “30 Days of Chic

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