My Bold Statement

Circle Sunnies: Love Boat || Skirt: Honey’s || Blouse: Gifted || Pumps: Diana || Box Bag- Vintage Celine || Coat– Zara

Hairstyle and Photography by: Rex Domingo


Hi Everyone!

I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend so far. Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Tokyo AW13-14 was just concluded yesterday. I started and ended it right, I couldn’t be happier! I will be writing a separate post about it so please stay tuned for that.

The title was meant for the outfit: the skirt and the sunnies! I admit, I didn’t find these statement pieces but Rexcy did. Don’t you just love when your friends can pick something from the rack and say: “This is what you are looking for, right?” Or “this fits the frame of your face.” Maybe even give up something they liked because they knew how much you like it. I have been looking for a skirt like this  and of all places to find it, at Honey’s! Honey’s is Japan’s version of F21. I couldn’t even remember when was the last time I went there prior to this last visit. I was a kid in a candy store!

I was asked what was the best part about Fashion Week. My answer: The after-shows when I get to have coffee with my friends and talk about how the day went. Did I mention that we daydream about owning some Japanese Haute Couture pieces? Bet I didn’t! One day! For the meantime, we will have to go and find them  at the 2nd hand stores.  It may not be the latest trend, but having to wear something from your favorite Japanese designer is bliss! Here’s to hoping!


P.S. Thank you to the power couple Florenda Corpuz and Din Eugenio of FiliJap Magazine for taking our pics at the infamous backdrop! This was after we watched the African Apeiron show.

Photo by: Din Eugenio

Photo by: Din Eugenio

Photo by: Din Eugenio

Photo by: Din Eugenio

Photo by: Din Eugenio

With Rexcy (Photo by: Din Eugenio)


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