Oshiare Tokyo



T-shirt– Chic Sensei || Tweed Blazer- Index || Denim Jeans- Levi’s || Pumps- Esperanza ||Purse- Celine 
Photography by: Ashley Dy


Hello Everyone!

I am pleased to announce that we are releasing our first ever merchandise…Oshiare Tokyo T-shirts! Oshiare おしゃれ, which means fashionable in Japanese is a lifestyle statement shirt. Designed and distributed in Japan but printed with love and care in the Philippines using a good quality cotton t-shirt. This shirt comes in grey as well in sizes S, M and L. Hurry and get your limited Oshiare Tokyo shirts now and show the world that you are proud to be Oshiare!

To order please email me at careyw328@gmail.com.

よろしくお願いします!_MG_0031 _MG_0015_MG_0046



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