Product Review:’s The Regimen

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

My first ever product review and I am so excited to share it with you because it’s a product that I really believe in because it made my skin clearer than ever.

Summer of 2013 was the worst ever for my skin and my conclusion: my skin couldn’t take the humidity in Japan. It was the first time I spent summer here for five years. And it was a roller coaster ride. It would clear for a week or 2 after taking antibiotics and it would appear again. It came to a point that I called it cystic acne because it was really big. It was so hard to cover with a concealer. This went on until January of this year.

Warning: Contains graphic photos and amateur selfies.



20140311-230042.jpgLate January, I was desperate that I was ready to buy the infamous Pro-active. Please note that I’ve tried everything possible and bought famous local Japanese brand and international brands for my skin. It was a total waste of money! My pores were smaller and clearer from my nose-up, but nose-down, it was the worst!

So I’ve stumbled upon this website: Read testimonials and watched youtube videos especially this one. Studied the product very carefully then a week later, bought: The Regimen (8oz. set)

After the first week of using The Regimen:

Second Week:

3rd Week:

4th Week:

5th Week (wearing just sunblock and blush-on):

6th week ( Regimen plus Jojoba oil- Yes, I woke up like this)


This is a miracle product! You just need to give it time to work. Be patient and follow instructions carefully. My dream to wear just sunblock and blush-on to work came true! After 5 weeks of using the product, I went ahead and re-ordered! This time the 16 oz bottles plus the jojoba oil, I still
have “the Treatment” so didn’t re-order that yet.

By the way, I swim after work thrice a week so I couldn’t follow the 10-12 hour treatment regime. But it still worked. I don’t put benzoyl peroxide when I take a shower at the gym, just cleanser and moisturizer. Before I sleep, I do “The Regimen” again.

I recommend to add the jojoba oil to your first purchase of “The Regimen.” On the 3rd week, you skin would become really dry and flaky. Don’t panic! Just apply moisturizer as often as needed.

Products I am using with “The Regimen.”



4 thoughts on “Product Review:’s The Regimen

  1. You shouldn’t hesitate and do more of these! 😀 I haven’t tried this line so far because I think I can only get it online here, glad you found something that works for you!

  2. Glad worked out for you Carey…I used Pro-active when we were in college and it worked out for me too. Now i am in search for a effective eye cream…I hope you do more product reviews especially make up.

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