Blue Business



Glittery Top- Heaven and Earth || Inner Top- Uniqlo || Skinny Jeans- Gap || Sneakers- Converse || Tote Bag- Goyard || Made to Order Necklaces (Pearls and Long Cat’s Eye) – Melissa Kate

Photography By: Ashley Dy


Happy Sunday Friends!
Tokyo Fashion Week is in 2 weeks and the invites are starting to arrive! I am excited to see the collections of famous Japanese designers especially that of Arai Sara and Nozomi Ishiguro. This season, a good friend of mine, Melissa Kate who is my source of accessories will be joining me and the gang. It’ll be fuuuuuun!!
This outfit is screaming spring! But it’s still cold here in Yokohama. I guess we will have to bear one more month before we see the cherry blossoms. But so far so good, I am enjoying the month of March.
Thanks for reading!

Special Thanks to : Gervin and Rexcy


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