Restyle: The Layering Story


Over-sized Shrug- Zara || Wool Coat– Zara || Dress- Zara (also seen here) || Pants– GU || Sneakers- New Balance 996 || Socks- Tutuanna || Purse-Vintage Celine 

Iphoneography by: Rex Domingo

Look 1:




Look 2:20140306-225149.jpg



Look 320140306-225248.jpg

20140306-225257.jpgHappy Friday Friends!
First of all thank you for your continued support! You have no idea how  every like, every comment and every view  you have done on this blog and my social media accounts rock my world! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I bought this oversized shrug to keep warm me over the  wedding-guest outfit that I wore here. It cannot be seen in that post because my sole purpose was just to keep it in the locker and protect me from the winter breeze when I’m commuting. When I had to wear it again, it was too thick that I couldn’t  layer it under this wool jacket.  I wanted to wear it with the dress to keep me warm so I tried wearing it on top of my jacket for the extra layer. I was very pleased on how it looked when it’s all put together and I could still wear it as layer on my dress when I am teaching (minus the make-up and hat of course).

These days, I have been wearing this new balance sneakers. In all honestly, most of the people that I bumped into wearing these sneakers are just screaming おしゃれ (oshiare)! It was a trend in Japan since last year, but this year, more and more people are wearing these classic sneakers.  I like to wearing these shoes while exposing my colorful socks. It looks cooler and youthful.

Thank you so much for reading!



2 thoughts on “Restyle: The Layering Story

  1. You can’t wear make up to school? Sad story.

    Anyway, it is a lovely shrug Chie. I can imagine you mix and matching it with other gorgeous outfits. It needs exposure!LOL

    P.S. I am an NB loyalist. 🙂

    • Hi Kora! Nice of you to drop by. We can wear make-up but my first question would be: what for? We are always busy running around. Most teachers are in their sweatpants except for me coz we should be in business casual.
      Thank you for liking this outfit! And this shrug is really a savior these days. What color of NB do you like? I am eyeing on a yellow one! teehhee

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