Summer Dress to Winter Date



Trench Coat– H&M ||Faux Fur Bolero-   Ichioku || Dress- Vintage||  Purse- Gucci|| Shoes –Esperanza || 

Photos and Hairstyle by: Rex Domingo

IMGP5516_Fotor IMGP5518_FotorIMGP5514_Fotor IMGP5523_Fotor IMGP5554_Fotor IMGP5556_Fotor IMGP5560_Fotor

Are you ready for Valentines?  In Japan, it’s the time of the year for women to express their love to their man. That means women mostly give chocolates to their partners and their male friends and colleagues. I am amazed that most of them would go out of their way to make their own chocolates. And yes I know that I won’t receive any flowers nor chocolates from DH on this day because he is expecting me to plan the day! Hmmmm.. we’ll see.

On this post, I asked my friend Gervin to post as my date to add drama to my outfit. My friends back home in the Philippines would really notice this dress because I’ve worn this several times on parties and night outs. Faux Fur Bolero not only makes me feel warm especially that this dress is sleeveless but it really transformed this summer  dress to a winter ensemble.  The black stockings surely completed the look, don’t you agree?

Thank you for reading! Have fun on Valentines.

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