How To Have The Best Prom

I have to admit, I didn’t have the best prom night back in high school. Junior year, I had a great partner but I didn’t like my dress. Senior year, I loved my dress but didn’t really connect with my partner. If I could look at it from the hindsight, here are some tips on what I could have done.

  1. Dress Me Up. It doesn’t matter if it’s expensive or not, what matters is you are comfortable with it and it’s something that you really like. Junior year, my mom had to choose my own dress and I didn’t like it because I looked like I was a princess. I wasn’t comfortable at all because I’m the type of girl in HS that wants to blend in. My prom dress was too much! Thank goodness they listened to me on my senior year because I co-designed it with my parents.
  2. Partners For Night. In my HS, we had the liberty to invite whoever we want. If it’s someone who doesn’t belong to the junior and senior class, it’s totally fine for as long as you pay for his cover. Do not choose a partner who isn’t in to you (especially the single ladies). Choose someone that you can share a good laugh with and not someone whom you just stare at the whole night. I should know because junior year, I danced the night away with the most awesome guy! Senior year, I stared and watched my partner danced the night away but not with me! hhahaha
  3. Style Me Trendy. Back in the 90’s, cobra hairstyle was so out but my mom brought me to her stylist friend who had no idea what was on trend. The stylist gave me the cobra hairstyle! Ohmy! I seriously tried to runaway from anyone who has a camera. It was a disaster!
  4. Circle of Friends. If steps 1-3 didn’t work out so well, your friends will always got your back. Prom will only come once or twice in your lifetime but reminiscing it with your friends somewhere down the road is priceless! Trust me because my HS friends and I still reminisce about good ol’ days even if HS was more than a decade ago.
  5. Be Confident and Just Have Fun. If my confidence level right now is the same as that time during my prom, things would have been better. So what if the dress is not the one you envisioned, just pretend that you like it and walk as if you are the prettiest girl in the room. Enjoy the night away because those moments will never return.
If I were to go to prom right now, I would choose this dress from It’s simple, classic and  sexy . I wished back in the days, it was easy to find prom dresses that are custom-made without breaking the bank.
 Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 11.28.29 PM
Good luck with your prom night Lovies!
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