Winter Rain



Down Jacket– Love Girls Market ||Faux Fur Turban-   Of Giving || Pants- Mango||  Blouse- Paul Smith ||Rainboots –Armani Jeans  ||

Photos by: Ashley Dy

_MG_0053_Fotor _MG_0056_Fotor _MG_0097_Fotor _MG_0116_Fotor

Happy Friday Friends!

It is becoming colder and colder nowadays  here in Yokohama. And it is an awful situation especially when you commute to work! When you get on the train, it’s so hot! When you are inside the classroom, it’s hot but when you are in the corridors, it’s freezing! No wonder people get sick around this time. I always think about the good side on things and  in this scenario, at least the weather is predictable that you can plan your outfit ahead of time! Adding a pop of color on a cloudy/rainy/snowy day makes all the difference. It doesn’t add sadness to the situation. Would you believe that I’ve only worn this boots twice since I got it in December? I always wanted this color because my old one  was perfect that it was so hard to replace it! But I had to let it go! It served me the best 5 years. It didn’t rain nor did it snow until a few days back. We were lucky that snow isnt’ as heavy! This outfit kept my warm from head to toe. Yes, we can still look chic even if we are freezing!

Thanks for dropping by.



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