Brocade And Purple


Down Jacket– Love Girls Market ||Dress- Love Girls Market || Hat- Gap||  Shoes- H&M ||Purse –Celine  ||

Photos by: Ashley Dy

20140127-214716.jpg20140127-214727.jpg20140127-214819.jpg20140127-214829.jpg20140127-214941.jpg20140127-215000.jpg20140127-215122.jpg20140127-215230.jpgHappy Monday Everyone!

Hope your weekend was a blast! Mine was productive and fun at the same time! It was so windy and chilly when Ashley and I went out for a walk around Yokohama! We originally planned on going ice skating but it was too windy! We ended up finishing up our pictorials inside the mall! And as a scary-cat me, I was happy that we didn’t ice skate! teehee!

It’s sale season everywhere in Japan and every year I always buy myself one winter jacket for the year! Last year was my anorak and this year it’s this fluffy down jacket which I got from a Japanese brand called Love Girls Market. The reason for getting this was because I will be attending a wedding of my best friend in Japan next month! It’ll be cold so I want to bundle up underneath! The staff were really nice because I was on the fence with this one. I felt like I looked so big. They gave me several options to try then I realised it was just my imagination! This gotta be the one!  I also got this beautiful dress from the same store which was a bonus because I had a pretty good deal! This sums up my first shopping of  the year and I am so happy that I only bought the necessities! Wait, the hat! Yes.. patience is a virtue because I really liked it when it came out but I had to set it aside and wait for a few months to get a sale price! I have the brown version from last year too! The purple and white just complement each other, don’t you think?

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