Backpack Match

Sweater and Skirt – Twnroom || Booties- H&M || Backpack – Hermes Herbag also seen here
Photos by: Ashley Dy of Candy Kawaii Lover20131206-082544.jpg20131206-082556.jpg20131206-082717.jpg20131206-082738.jpg

Happy Friday Everyone!
It’s 19 days to go before Christmas! I am so looking forward to my winter vacation. This year is not as cold as last year because I am still wearing my leather jacket this week.
Did you know that I am the eldest amongst my blogger friends and guess what? I don’t have a backpack. I am not a backpack kinda girl. However, my friends are my biggest influence that most of them have backpacks, I felt that I have the need. It surely slipped my mind because I have been keeping a backpack in my closet all these time. This HERBAG! I immediately had it assembled and voila!” “You look like you are on your 20’s,” exclaimed Ashely who kept teasing me when we had a photoshoot! ehem ehem! Why didn’t I use the bag this way?! I was originally planning to sell this, but now that I know how to disassemble and assemble this, I think I will have to keep it for awhile.
Thank you for reading!



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