CS X CK- The Grey Booties


Happy Friday Everyone!

It’s time for a 2nd post out of the 4 posts I am doing with my friend Ashley of Candy Kawaii Lover. If you are a new visitor, click here to see the first one.


This season I am crazy over grey and pink! And when I have a seasonal colour fave, I tend to only look one way! When Ashley said that she will make me wear a sheer maxi dress with two slits, the first thing that came to my mind was: “will I survive the photoshoot in 10C weather?” Honestly we were both lazy to get dressed and have a pictorial because it’s so cold and cloudy and we can only meet after work, meaning there’s not enough light and we were kinda tired.


But we did it!! Originally, she wanted me to wear just the dress, then she changed her mind! Thank goodness I didn’t freeze (hahhaaha-oops)!


And honestly, I liked how she styled me! I feel like a model in a magazine!_MG_0085_Fotor

Thank you for reading!



Shoes- Gap || Dress- Mango (also seen here)- || Anorak Jacket- Moussy || Sweater- H&M Divided 

Here’s a sneak peek of how I styled Ashley. I always wanted to wear something like this but it’s not age appropriate so having Ashley wear what I couldn’t wear makes me smile! Visit her blog here for more pics.

_MG_0142_Fotor_CollagePhotos by Ashley and Carey20131107-200616.jpg


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