Halloween DIY: Zombie Bride (Part 2)


Happy Monday Everyone!


Sandwiched by Bulak and Genesis 🙂


Arian, the Happy Cat


Only a sexy cop Simone can scare a Zombie Bride!

Hope you had an awesome Halloween! I surely did! As a matter of fact, I still couldn’t get over the party that I co-organized that till this day, I  still check the pictures that my colleagues uploaded and couldn’t stop giggling here and there.1403426_10151646580411580_255974547_o_FotorPhotos by: Reynaldo Naval This is the dirty version of my previous post in relation to this costume. Click here to see the clean version.Planning events is really my favorite thing to do in this world! A few years back, my best friend Rona and I had a wedding coordination business. She is still pursuing it till this day, while I had to come to Japan for greener pastures. I never planned a big Halloween Party, ever. But I had the same goals when I used to plan weddings, and that was to make sure that my clients were happy. For this Halloween party, it was to make that the attendees were happy because I wanted that they’d get their money’s worth. I think I  achieved my goal because pictures don’t lie and everybody did have fun! I had a blast that night too! It was 3 hours of all-you-can-eat-and-drink. We’ve transformed a wedding (2nd party) venue into a Halloween-themed one! The manager of the venue was very pleased with what he saw on how we transformed the place. 1403582_10151646695181580_776816657_o_FotorClick here  to see video clips of the party.1401201_10151646696616580_1299394500_o_FotorThis was my winning moment when I was voted “Scariest Costume,” just what I hoped for.

Thank you for reading!


P.S Thank you Veronica Valente for this costume. People couldn’t help but ask about how I will remove the stain from the fake blood. I told them that I will dye this dress soon!


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