Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Tokyo – Live Blog

Hi Everyone! It’s Fashion Week here in Tokyo and because of work we couldn’t go everyday! Today, Day 4, we will be live blogging! We will update every hour or so!

15:40 – On the train to Tokyo!
17:00- We have changed outfits (from our work clothes to fashion show) and stored our stuff in the locker! At Shibuya Hikarie with Rex and Ashley.
17:45 : Press and Photographers queuing for the Nozomi Ishiguru Show.

18:05 : The Facade20131017-193935.jpg
18:30- Show Started! Rex will post better pics but here’s my favorite from collection!

18:50 Took a detour to Roomsline Tokyo featuring young designers not just in Japan but from other parts of the world.




19:10 : We got hungry so decided to eat before we head to the Arai Sara show



19:30 : We left the venue and took a cab! It was quite far!

19:48 Arrived at Meiji Kinenkan but we were too late that we we didn’t get a good seat. The location was breath taking! Arai Sara always make a statement!


20:30: We left just in time for the final walk coz our stuff is in locker at Hikarie and they close at 9! We took the taxi back to Shibuya with a heavy heart. Plus we didn’t get to see Gervin who had a great view at the show. No outfit post today but here’s little of my outfit which my best friend Rona sent all the way from the Philippines.



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