Halloween DIY 3/5: Mickey and Minnie

IMG_0676_2Iphoneography and Editing by Rex DomingoIMG_0683_2

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Typhoon 26 hits Tokyo and we couldn’t get to have a photo-shoot outside. We wanted to make sure that we will post something for you guys today who are following this series! So we had a make-it-work moment and decided to shoot it inside my house with the iPhone! Forgive the rag, but no shoes inside the house so I had to make sure my shoes only goes inside that rag!

Today’s post is for those of you who doesn’t want to go over the top with your costumes! The key element of this look is MATCHING!

Let’s start with MINNIE!IMG_0679_2I couldn’t find my red and black polka dots dress and i remembered my old Minnie headband! So i matched a dress that the color of the headband has then Rex cut and taped paper circles (just for the purpose of the shoot) into the dress.  If I were to wear this, I would use a real cloth and sew it on the dress.IMG_0680_2If you don’t have this headband, there are a lot of youtube tutorials on how to make it! You would need a plain black headband, black paper to cut the ears and a fabric ribbon. Glue it together and you would be able to make a similar headband.IMG_0682_2Let’s move on to MICKEY!IMG_0677_2How CHIC is this??? I think I might have a change of heart and  wear this to my classes for Halloween!IMG_0678_2And don’t forget the white button of course! It’s obvious that it’s made of paper, huh?XD IMG_0681_2 I can’t believe I have all these in my closet! So for today’s shoot DIY, I spent ¥O!

Thank you for reading!


P.S. We are praying for our friends and loved ones in the Philippines who was hit by a 7.2 earthquake yesterday morning. Stay safe and we hope that this post would in a way put a smile on your face.


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