Halloween DIY Special: Silent Film Starlet

IMG_0669_2Photography and Editing by: Rex DomingoIMG_0667_2Happy Sunday Everyone,

I know it’s not a Wednesday yet for Halloween DIY but because of your requests, we thought of doing something special  today. The past 2 DIYs were school-friendly, and for today’s post, it is something you could wear to your Halloween Party with your families and friends. This was the inspiration for today’s post.


Photo grabbed from Google images

This was Rex’s idea and I was immediately sold to it because the necessities for this look, I already have in my closet.  These are:  black dress, pearl necklaces, black stockings and black pumps.  Additional accessories were bought at the ¥100 store.IMG_0673_2 Closer look of the headpiece which was attached by sewing the ribbon to the elastic headband.IMG_0668_2IMG_0671_2IMG_0670_2

Let me know your thoughts on this outfit. Thanks to  youtube makeup tutorials we have been watching from before, we finally put it to a test. I have to give kudos to Rex for doing this makeup. Although I was seriously embarrassed walking around with this heavy make up. She made my lips smaller too which probably was the reason why people gave me a 2nd look. But this was the most fun photo-shoot to date!

Thank you for reading!



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