Halloween DIY 2/5: Minion

Photography and Editing by: Rex Domingo

20131008-233707.jpgHappy Wednesday everyone!
I hope you are all having a great mid-week so far. Thank you so much for all the wonderful feedback that you gave us from last week’s Halloween DIY.

20131008-233847.jpgOkay so Despicable Me the movie came very late here in Japan. The happy meal is available at McDonald’s right now so my students are very familiar with the Minion character. Next week in all my Halloween lessons, this will be my costume.

20131008-234101.jpgThe key element of this costume is yellow yellow and yellow. I have to admit that my biggest struggle was finding this beanie. I almost resorted to a swimming cap or a bandana. Just when I was ready to give up, Rex found this in one of the shops at Vivere Yokohama called Octopus Army at ¥1,200.


20131008-234614.jpgThe best part of this DIY is actually the jumper. I looked everywhere but I was not successful because I did not want to spend more than Â¥1000 especially that it’s something that I won’t use. Rex and I up came up with this DIY the last minute.

1. I cut off my old jeans because most of my shorts are too short and I want to look conservative especially that I will be wearing this to my class.

2. The bottom part of the pants, cut it open and use that as a bib. Fold the hem and use fabric glue to stick it.

3. Tuck the bottom part of the bib to your shorts. Connect it with a suspenders and Voila! No stitch jumper!

Glasses and black gloves are from the ¥100 store. Rex just made 2 small gray circles and used double sided tape to stick it. The lenses were removed.

The rest of the outfit are from my closet. I can’t believe I have yellow tights in my closet that I bought it a couple of years back! Thank you for reading and good luck!

P.S. Depending on the weather in your area, you can always wear a yellow t-shirt instead of a sweater!


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