Halloween DIY 1/5: Super Mario

Photography and Editing by: Rex Domingo

Happy Mid-Week Everyone!
Every Wednesday for this month, we will be giving you Halloween costume ideas for your English class or for your party.

This costume was a big hit last year in all my schools. You know why?

Aside from the fact that Mario is a very popular character, they really went crazy over the cap because it’s the same cap that my students are using in their PE class.

The Mario costume was cheap and easy to pull off. I remember I couldn’t begin my lesson because a Japanese teacher kept cheering and wanted to take pictures of me right away. And yes, my face was all over their classroom even after Halloween!

I already have the shirt, the pants and the shoes. I just had to buy the suspenders (¥700), the aka shiro boshi (cap ¥500, but some 100 yen shops are selling too) and the gloves (¥100). Rex used old papers to cut the mustache, the “M” mark and the yellow buttons.

Good luck and thank you for reading!



Special thanks to Ashley Dy for the jumping pictures.


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