Office Girl

Photography by: Rex Domingo

Happy Sunday Everyone!
I always wanted to wear something like this in an everyday basis but my work doesn’t allow me to. My outfit for work must be business casual and comfortable for me to be able to move, especially that my lessons involve a lot of gestures for the Japanese kids to understand.

After 2 long years of wait, I also bought my dream brand for a bag! Please welcome my new baby whom I call: Selena! Yes I have names for my bags.

This was not my dream bag though. I wanted a Céline luggage in olive green. But they don’t have that color anymore and I thought it’s easier to carry a shoulder bag than a hand bag so I gave this a go with some help from my friends.

But to tell you the truth, I wasn’t really jumping up and down when I got home after buying the purse! Maybe because I wasn’t sure of this color but I know that I wanted something seasonless and this sure is! So I didn’t remove it from the paperbag after a week! Did I have a buyer’s remorse? Kinda! I wish I got a luggage! Whew! I finally said it out loud!


I can’t turn back time, I just have to live up and love this bag because she will be with me forever! Have you ever felt something like this? Hope you could share your advice!
Thank you for reading.

Top- Bayo || Skirt- United Colors of Benetton (Gift from my friend Ria Reyes)||
Pumps- Esperanza || Purse- Céline

P.S. Here’s some behind the scenes pictures from our friend Candy Kawaii. It feels great having her around! She maybe 10 years younger than me but she is way more experienced with blogging than I am. What’s great about her, she imparts her knowledge to us newbies! I am really thrilled that she moved here in our area! Having a blog sister is priceless!




4 thoughts on “Office Girl

    • Thank you so much Veloria for dropping by. I’m happy you liked the purse because honestly, I was not happy with the purchase! I don’t even know the color coz it changes! I have to start liking it though.

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