Tweed and Leather

Photography by: Gervin Macey
Post- Processed by: Rex Domingo

Happy Monday Everyone!
How do you like my new look?

20130923-011258.jpg My hair was always been short until I met my colorist 2 years ago that he urged me to grow it long. It was also the longest that my hair has ever grown. Last weekend, I just decided to chop it off. I was tired of tying it up at work. What a late reaction especially that summer just finished. The color though, I’m still trying to get the hang of it. My hair stylist said it’s perfect for the season so I gave it a go.



I never considered myself “simple” whenever I dress up. I like to always play with colors and bold accessories so when Rex saw this top and convinced me to buy it, I was on the fence because of color. But I really liked the leather detail on the neckline. After wearing it, I was happy I bought it.

20130923-085118.jpg “Simplicity is beauty” indeed but will have to flash my bright orange purse to give a Carey-vibe to it.

Thank you for reading!



Top- Zara || Skinny Pants- Mango || Purse- Lancel || Shoes- Esperanza


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