Return of the Tartan

20130915-075829.jpgPhotography by Rex Domingo

20130915-075743.jpgHappy Sunday Everyone!
It’s a rainy weekend here in Yokohama City, it is indeed autumn. Hope you are having a great weekend so far.

20130915-075931.jpgPlaid in autumn is a trend that doesn’t seem to go away. It’s everywhere in most of the shops here.


20130915-080237.jpgIf colors are a group of friends, Red and Black are best friends! I just love this color combi and definitely gives that autumn-winter vibe.

I never thought I would ever wear the wedge sneakers when it first came out. It reminded me of the hi-cut rubber shoes back in 6th grade (Yikes, I’m giving you hint of my age)! But these shoes are just soooo comfortable to walk and it gives me that extra height. I bought mine last year, and wedge sneakers are here to stay! It’s definitely a must-have!

20130915-081428.jpgThere are days when I wanted to dress-down for the weekend. I just want to wear something comfortable so it’s easy to move and get all my errands done. My friends call it “harabas day.” This is one of those days. I never thought I would allow my friends Ria and Rex to convince me have my “harabas day”
outfit be published on the blog. Two against one, so you know the verdict.

Thank you for reading.

Plaid Shirt- Pageboy || Inner Shirt- Archives ||Shorts- Plains and Prints || Wedge Sneakers- Bershka || Tights- Tutuanna || Bag- Papilloner


5 thoughts on “Return of the Tartan

    • Hi J! I also thought I can’t pull the sneakers, but it’s crazy comfortable! Hahahah! This ones are the big looking though, there’s the “sexy” version of these sneakers.. That looks good on you, hello model-body not to mention the height! ❀❀❀

  1. plaid is gorgeous and love that color too. there are sexier design for the shoes but i happen to like what u have its simple but attractive or is it just you ? lol….

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