Hat and Boots


Photography by: Rex Domingo


When I first saw these pointed booties, it was love at first sight! I didn’t buy it right away because I wanted to make sure that I really liked it. 5 days later, it was still stuck in my head. I then knew that my outfit for the Tokyo Fashion Night Out will revolve around these shoes.IMG_098520130909-154258.jpg

With everybody going in their most fashionable selves, I wanted my look to be something that people would take a 2nd look at and honestly, the hat did its magic. Although I was pre-occupied in chatting the night away with my friends, I wasn’t sure if people gave me a 2nd look! But nevertheless this is my favorite pre-autumn outfit to date.IMG_0986OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Thank you for reading!



Shoes- Esperanza || Top- Azul by Moussy || Skirt- Clear Impression also seen here|| Stockings- Tutuanna || Hat- some shop in Vivere|| Purse- Michael Kors


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