Life’s a Beach

Hello Everyone!!!!!
Oh how I’ve missed you! I am so sorry for the absence. I have been crazy busy for the past few weeks and I am finally back.


Friends have been asking me about my trip to Yuigahama beach. So I thought of doing a feature about it since I went there twice in two weeks! It’s my happy place.

Easy Access
1. From Kamakura Station, go to the east exit and look for pole no. 7. Take Bus no. 40.

2. Get off at Kaiganbashi bus stop and go straight all the way until you see the beach. It’s a 2 minute walk.

3. Parking lots are everywhere as well so you don’t have worry if you are going by car.

Food and Drinks
1. There is a big convenience store nearby so you can just run and get supplies anytime.

2. Restaurants and take-out shops are everywhere!

Parasol or Beach house
1. Parasol ranges from ¥1,000-¥3,000 depending on the size. We came in a group the first time so we got 2 medium-sized parasols at ¥1,500 each.

2. You can rent a beach house (not like the ones in the Philippines wherein it’s private) at ¥1,500 per head. You can use their facilities including hot and cold shower which I like the most. There is a free one as well but the changing room is also a toilet so it’s dirty. If your group will all swim then the beach house option is my recommendation because they will look after your things.


20130724-212921.jpg You can bring your own food and drinks or order in their restaurant.
Hope this helps. Thank you very much for reading!


P.S. I have succumbed to love bodyboarding!


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