Plaid and Orange


Happy Sunday Everyone,
It’s a 3-day weekend here in Japan and I still have a beach hangover from yesterday’s event.

20130714-123700.jpgThe plaid is always a classic print but nowadays it has been replaced with the leopard print.

20130714-124219.jpg The leopard print is neutral meaning it can be mixed with other prints. As for plaid, it is a statement piece. Your ensemble should be plain to make the plaid standout.


20130714-132656.jpgI learned this the hard way when we had to do this shoot twice because I wore a bold statement turquoise necklace. I wasn’t happy with the look because the plaid had to fight for attention with the necklace. I’ve used that necklace with a leopard print before and it worked. The plain gold necklace completed the look.

Thank you for reading.

Dress- Shake Shake , also seen here || Sandal- Asbee || Bag- Burberry

Hairstyle and IPhoneography by Rex Domingo


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