Pairing a Summer Dress


Happy Wednesday Everyone!


One more week to go and it’s our summer break. But commuting to work can be a pain especially that it’s very hot and humid here in Japan. Easy and breezy clothes can go a long way in surviving the summer heat.

20130708-084728.jpgThis summer dress is made of stretchy material that it can be worn as a blouse. The ballerina tulle skirt is versatile that it really adds CHICness to an outfit. This outfit is perfect for casual dinner.

20130708-151815.jpg This 2nd look, I wore to work. I mentioned before that we have a dress code. We can’t wear sleeveless and skimpy clothes. The cotton shrug and leggings are my favorite during the summer.

20130708-151827.jpgThis outfit allows me to move in the classroom, it’s breezy and it still gives that professional look.


20130710-081426.jpgOur 3rd look is wearing the dress as it is.

20130708-152105.jpgThis look you can wear to brunch or a trip to the mall.

20130708-152114.jpgSince it’s so hot outside, we’ve transformed Rex’s apartment to a studio and had the photo shoot there
instead. This was just natural lights and our very useful iPhone.
Which look is your favorite? Comment below.
Thank you for reading.

Summer Dress-Isis from the Philippines

Hairstyle and IPhoneography by Rex Domingo


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