Beads and Glam


Happy Friday Friends!
Dressing up on weekends has always been a habit of mine especially that on weekdays we have a dress code at work. 20130702-165151.jpgYou would probably ask where I went. Um, I just went to the mall to hangout with my gurlfriends Ria and Rexcy. And out of the blue we decided to go on a cruise around Tokyo Bay. 20130702-170338.jpg Since we went cruising on a yacht, we dressed up appropriately after all. I will have a separate post about that adventure. What I love about living here in Japan is that when you overly dressed up, you still blend in the crowd.20130702-171316.jpg20130702-172245.jpgAfter 5 days of hard work, treat yourself on a weekend and be a ramp model because the world is a bg runway. Trust me, it feels really good!



Photography By: Rex Domingo

Dress-Ebonye || Shoes-Tozoo || Purse- Balenciaga


4 thoughts on “Beads and Glam

  1. Achi Carey! 🙂 I like how you said that you still blend with the crowd even if you are overdressed… So true! Even in Singapore and Europe unlike in the Philippines where you would really stand out. Btw, I love the dress! ❤

    • Thanks for dropping by Alyssa! Xx My brothers are always scared if I bring “my fashion” in Dumaguete. I told them not to worry because I certainly know how to blend in. How are you enjoying Paris? Read blog! Proud of your achievements! 🙂 xx

      • Achi, it was such a pretty place! ❤ Too bad I wasn't able to shop in Champs Elysees. But I think you will love it there! All the designer shops are there. It was a good time supposedly to shop coz they had a summer sale. 🙂

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