Super Sparkle

Happy 1st day of July, Friends!
Man of Steel was such a hype last month but for us here in Japan, all we could do is roll our eyes! The movie will be shown here in August still. What a bummer, huh?

20130701-002319.jpg I bought this shirt obviously because I wanted to join the hype and put my little swag to it. Adding sparkles to your outfit would definitely add brightness to your day. Depending on your personality, less could be more but as for me: “the more the merrier.”

20130701-002514.jpgI am really excited for this month. First, it’s our summer break in a few weeks! This will be the first time ill be spending my summer break in Japan. So hope you will be with me as I explore Nipon this summer.


20130701-004251.jpgSecond reason for excitement is our blog’s 1st Anniversary! We have a give away for you guys so please stay tune for that. We are very grateful for your love and support.


Thank you for reading.


IPhoneography by Rex Domingo

T-shirt- Batea-Mouche || Shorts- Zara || Shoes- Jelly Beans || Purse- Celine


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