The Birthday Bash


Happy Wednesday Everyone!

I hope you are a having a great week so far. My birthday maybe over but I couldn’t help but write another post about my birthday. There are cool places that I went to that needs to be shared.First stop was Green Charcoal Grill in Bashamichi, Yokohama.

Pre-birthday celebration after our meeting with some of my friends from work. All the food that we ordered were so good! My favorite was their local vegetable with anchovy dip and their char-grilled pizza. Seriously I couldn’t stop thinking about the pizza, I want to go again. According to my friends, their beers are really good (yep,I am not a beer drinker). Their waiters can speak English too so that’s an added bonus.
On the day of my birthday, I mentioned in my previous post that I had to swing by the mall after work so I had only less than an hour to get dressed for dinner with DH. We’ve invited Rexcy to join us too. We went to a place called, Yokohama Ukai-tei but it’s located in Yamato.

My jaw dropped on how beautiful the place was and what was even more jaw dropping was when we had a chef cooked our course infront of us. I seriously wanted to wake up because I thought I was dreaming. I am seriously humbled that I was able to experience that lavish dinner. I kept telling myself: “It’s only once a year, Carey. You’ve worked so hard, you deserve all these.” The food was excellent! The service was the best!
Saturday was a post-celebration with some of my friends. They are almost the same people who celebrated my birthday with me since I first came to Japan. This time, it was at Rigoletto’s Bar and Grill in Roppongi Tokyo.

It is my favorite restaurant because they serve the best Quattro Formaggi. They also gave us an exclusive room with no extra charge so my friends and I could really talk without worrying if we were too loud. We chatted the afternoon away that I forgot to take pictures of the food. Their lunch course is worth it because you really get the value of your money.
When the luncheon was over, some of my friends bid goodbye. Rexcy, Ria and I decided to stay then our friend Hiro came rushing because he missed lunch. He surprised us with a treat to the Harry Potter Exhibit. It was actually the opening day so we were really psyched out. I couldn’t help but be nostalgic especially that I watched all the film series.
We wrapped up the celebration by watching the flick, Olympus Has Fallen. This year I have to say is the best celebration ever (I always say that every year). I am very blessed to be surrounded by the people who truly cares for me and I truly care about. I may be away from my family and besties who are in the Philippines but I know their thoughts are always with me.
Thank you for reading and hope you guys could continue to join me in this blogging journey.


Post-Processed Photos by: Rex Domingo


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