The Story of my Birthday Outfit

Happy Monday Everyone,

I am sorry for being MIA! I wanted to take the weekend off and just relax and spend time with DH and my friends. Thank you so much for all your birthday greetings! I am very overwhelmed and felt so loved! Shoutout to my Redleps Gang who went all out with their greetings (they tried to outdo each other) and ofcourse Rexcy for “hacking” the blog and connived with my Besties to give random facts about me! Thank you from the bottom of my Chic heart!! ❤

Last Saturday, I had a post birthday lunch with some of my friends at Roppongi, Tokyo. I originally wanted to wear an all white ensemble but I couldn’t find the perfect one! Ria and Rexcy helped me find my outfit and it was a roller coaster ride because we had no time anymore! Just when we finally found one (a floral matching peplum top and pants), the zipper had problems so we decided not to push it.


Then when we’re ready to call it a day, Joinus Mall just within Yokohama Station was still open (they close until 10pm), we went to Moussy and found my birthday dress, erm outfit!


20130623-224931.jpgWhen I tried the blouse and shorts, I wore the store’s fitting shoes (not for sale) and it was neon green. Ria and Rexcy said, that I should wear neon green pumps and I told them that I didn’t want to buy anymore and just settle with my white pumps.

20130623-225513.jpgBut the neon pumps was haunting me that 2 days before Saturday, I went around Yokohama Station and looked for the neon green pumps. Just when I was ready to pay, I realized that the shoes was yellow! So I thought of sleeping on it first. The day of my birthday,I realized that the yellow pumps has the same color with my blouse so right after work, I swung by the mall and got the yellow pumps! As an added bonus I was able to find a transparent shoulder bag! It was indeed my birthday!

I think I am nuts when it comes to my birthday outfit. Birthdays only comes once year and I think it should always be special. Do you go the whole 9 yards to find your birthday dress?
Thank you very much for reading!

IPhoneography and Hairstyle by Rex Domingo
Make-up: Ria Reyes

Blouse and Shorts- Moussy || Pumps – SPRay || Bag- Guilty || Pearl Necklace – Garden By One Way


8 thoughts on “The Story of my Birthday Outfit

  1. You’re so right! Birthdays are only celebrated once a year so no matter what inexcusable and crazy things you might do on your special day, it’s acceptable and understandable. I love your whole outfit and those pumps are great, BELATED Happy Birthday Carey! Stay fab always 🙂 kisses from roro

  2. You look so pretty from the lace top to the print pant, to your stylishly done hair and that visible bag it’s lovely and you look fabulously chic. oh! Happy belated birthday sweet……. xxxx 🙂

  3. I really like the detail on the lace top and the necklace. I have yet to have a special outfit for birthdays. You have shed new light on it, actually. I now realize what other perfect day to wear a very special outfit.

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