Sweets For Our Sweet

WARNING: This post is full of mushiness! XD

Hi All!

In case you didn’t know, today June 21st is Carey’s Birthday *\(^o^)/*wohoo!!! cheers ♪(*^^)o∀*∀o(^^*)♪hehe.. ^_−☆ I think it’s just right to take over this blog for the day to write something about her and besides, she’s done something like this for me and for her besties. But honestly I’m not really good at this kind of thing, so I apologize if this post is not as good as Carey’s. Image

Alright! We all know how stylish and how cool she is. So let me share a little more about her other side. I asked her closest friends and here’s what I got:

Q1. Carey’s weird or secret talents?

Rona (Best Friend/major fashion influence) : Carey’s secret talent…hmmmm…I don’t think it’s weird, nor a secret…but her talent is being a Martha Stewart in housekeeping 🙂 . She knows how to properly wash clothes, arrange stuff (she took charge of de-cluterring my room back in my parents house. Tell her about the ‘barbie’ and she knows what I mean hahaha). She will give you great tips in arranging your drawers and closet!

Me: I like Carey’s mathematical skills. She is my human calculator and she comes in handy in times of checking discounts and splitting bills.

Q2. Favorite 3 things about her?

R0na: Generous, honest and loyal. ❤


Q3. Name one thing on her bucket list?

Ria (Best Friend/shopping buddy) : To travel to the US and Europe.

Me: bucket list? hmmm… … … hmmmm… waaaa! I can’t answer my own question. why oh why? T_T However, Carey has a simple wish. Her wish is to gain MORE LIKES in our Facebook page. So please help me in granting her wish here.

Q4. Top 3 things you learned from her?

Ria: > Loving every fashion item we own and that there is such a thing as “outfit detail” photo.

>> Embracing our imperfections (certified 団子兄弟 “dango kyodai” member)

>>>Documenting daily life through the use of social media (hail the Queen of Instagram,Facebook,Twitter, Fukulog! hmmm..where’s Google+?? lol)


Q5. What’s her most over used phrases?

Felma (Best Friend/forever textmate): corrected by and korak!

Me: My top 5 Carey’s most over used phrases:

1. rain check

2. at the end of the day

3. for some reason

4. let’s play it by ear

5. I’m hungry∧( ‘Θ’ )∧

Q6. Name 3 things you enjoy doing together?

Felma: Getting a massage, eating and shopping.


Thank you all for reading. Please join me in wishing Carey a Happy Birthday. Feel free to leave a birthday comment here. I know she’d be very happy to receive those.



Rex Domingo


9 thoughts on “Sweets For Our Sweet

  1. Happy happy birthday Carey! You are so lucky to have great friends who know you so well! Enjoyed their comments about you! Enjoy enjoy!

  2. Yeeey, happy birthday beautiful.. More blessings to come. Have a blast. See you ds coming december.. Tehheehe.. Xoxo

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