Pretty Little Chambray

20130615-235049.jpgHappy Sunday Everyone!20130615-235137.jpgIt was a warm day yesterday and I had open-school. My work as a teacher involves a lot of big exaggerated gestures for my students to understand while I do my lesson. I wanted to dress comfortably and at the same time look chic and professional.20130615-235542.jpgI’d remove all my accessories ofcourse and use a different shoes at school. But what matters is the “before and after work”, I still want to look chic even if I had a long day at work while I commute. 20130616-000134.jpg20130616-000157.jpgYou can never go wrong with a “little chambray dress.” Regardless of brands, it all looks the same to me. It’s how you accessorize it that makes your look differ.

Thank you for reading and enjoy the rest of your weekend!


**OUTFIT 1**
Chambray Dress- Brandless, bought at Seiyu || Red Pant- Zara || Wedges- Charles and Keith || Bag- Versace

Chambray Dress- Brandless, bought at Seiyu || Sandals- Jessica Simpson || Belt- Baby Gap

IPhoneography by Rex Domingo


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