That Red Edge

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Just a quick hello and hope you are all having a fantastic week so far.


Most of my posts I rarely wear a full make up. I don’t have time to wear one in an everyday basis with my line of work. But today, Rex suggested that I wear one for this post. I think I looked tired from teaching 6 classes straight. Red lips is a great accessory, don’t you agree?



Thank you for reading.

Blouse- gifted (no brand) || Cropped Skinny Pants- Zara || Shoes- Jelly Beans

MUA and IPhoneography by Rex Domingo



10 thoughts on “That Red Edge

  1. I love this look! Been wanting to wear a look like this, but what I have in mind is a white top with blue thin stripes.

    Btw, I will be using this account from now on. I deleted the previous one i’ve been using.

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