Work to Play

20130525-140704.jpgHappy Sunday Everyone!

I hope you are all having a great weekend so far.20130525-141533.jpgOn a typical Friday, I usually have a full schedule at work (6 classes straight!). I knew that it was a 27C weather thus I wanted to wear something breezy but at the same time look professional. We have a dress code that’s why.20130525-141137.jpgMost often than not, I always have dinner engagements on a Friday. Be it dinner out with DH or with friends and sometimes work-related parties, I don’t want to go home and change outfits. Commute can be tiresome here in Japan, so I just bring my necessities and rent a locker.20130525-141554.jpgPlaying with the right accessories, you will be surprised how an outfit can be transformed. Black and white is a trend this season and I think it’s my favorite because you can never go wrong with it!20130525-141612.jpg 20130525-141618.jpgThank you for reading!



**WORK OUTFIT** Blouse- Bayo ll  Legging Pants- Tuttuanna ll Shoes- Jelly Beans ll Bag-Papillonner

**PLAY OUTFIT**  Shoes- Esperanza ll Clutch-Papillonner ll Necklace– Forever 21

Iphoneography by Rex Domingo


The bags used above is actually just 1 bag! 10 looks for the price of 1! Here are 2 other looks! I have to say, this is my best buy of the year!20130525-140552.jpg


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