Veronica’s Girl

Today, my best friend Rona is celebrating her birthday! If you have read “About Me,”  I mentioned that she is my major fashion influence. Let me take you to my style journey.20130428-002100.jpg20130428-000857.jpg20130428-000837.jpg20130428-000927.jpg20130428-000951.jpg20130428-001023.jpg20130428-001045.jpg

My outfits above were all from my best friend’s closet! She is a successful online entrepreneur for 6 years now and  she even had famous personalities in the Philippines as her clients! Thrift hunting is her forte and she alters it to make it even beautiful!

She doesn’t only love to find treasures for others, she also designs dresses and yes I am her no.1 fan! Here are just some:20130428-002007.jpg20130428-002021.jpg20130428-002436.jpgBack in college, she was the trend guru! I remember when the flare pants was a trend, she would have her straight cut jeans altered and have it embroidered! She always wanted her clothes to be one of a kind. And yes, I had all my jeans altered as well! She has been there in my ups and all of lows. We had big dreams and one of those dreams was we wanted to go to Singapore. And it happened 3 years ago!20130428-003330.jpg20130428-003346.jpg20130428-004552.jpg20130428-004600.jpgThough we don’t update about each other’s lives everyday, we always find time to remind each other that we are best friends till forever.

Rona as Mommy to my godchild Zaqi who just celebrated his 1st bday.

Rona as Mommy to my godchild Zaqi who just celebrated his 1st bday. (Grabbed from her FB page)

Happy Birthday Dearie! Sending you all my love and wishes!

Visit her online shop here.
Like her Facebook page here.


2 thoughts on “Veronica’s Girl

  1. WOW!! thank you sooo much dearie!! we had a blast in college sah?? haha! it was nice seeing the items you got through the years too! ❤ thank you again for being my number one supporter and fan!! and i, too, am your biggest blog fan! ::D i love you dearikiens!!

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