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Happy Monday everyone!

Meet the official iphoneographer and hairstylist for Chic Sensei, Rexcy D. IMG_0404It’s her birthday month and after weeks of trying to convince her to allow me to publish her pictures, she finally said, Yes! She prefers to work behind the camera but I told her that her outfits might inspire a girl who is reading this and who has no idea  what to wear tomorrow. Yes, it’s every girl’s problem even if she is staring at her closet filled with clothes.

IMG_0399I’ve always admired Rexcy’s style aesthetic. She for me is the ultimate Sporty Chic. She can wear Nike shoes and  still looks oh-so-fashionable. That is something hard to pull.

Rexcy and Ria at USJ- Osaka and that portrait was supposed to be me.

Ria and Rexcy at USJ- Osaka and that portrait was supposed to be me.

IMG_0385IMG_0406IMG_0396IMG_0409IMG_0398IMG_0392You might think after looking at the pictures above, why the title? She really is shy and that is her alias. Around other people I am more outspoken than her but when she is around  friends, she  is the ultimate comedian! That feeling: laugh-so-hard-your-tummy hurts, we always get that from her!

With Hiro and Pibs for Rexcy's bday celebration (part 1).

With Hiro and Pibs for Rexcy’s bday celebration (part 1).

“Never wash your feet when you are tired.” She would always remind me that. That’s her secret of maintaining her gorgeous legs. She once said, you may not eliminate the varicose veins but you can prevent it from adding up!IMG_0403Happy Birthday Rexcy! May you never get tired of encouraging me to blog. Here’s to more outfit posts and mojitos!

Thanks for reading, you guys!




Ria and I celebrated Rexcy’s bday (Part2) at Butcher’s Gril New York in Ginza.


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