Sakura Crop Prints


Hi Everyone!

It’s finally our spring break and Sakuras (cherry blossom) are at its peak. My friend Cecilia invited me at her station Kamoi last week and I fell in love with the place, dragged Rexcy and she too left her heart there.


Cropped shirts are trending this season so I thought of doing a DIY using an old tshirt. The tip is tying it at the back and once you have the desired length, put the look together with a belt. This is an alternative if you don’t want to cut your shirt.

Last year, my best friend Felma gave me this beautiful dress but I gained some winter weight that the armpit part of the dress isn’t very flattery as of the moment (yes, i will shed some pounds soon).So wearing a cropped shirt to cover the crumpled part is a good technique.

To give a little Sakura twist to the outfit, hot pink tights can make the outfit pop.


Thank you for reading and I hope you find some of my tips useful.
IPhoneography and Hairstyle by Rexcy D.



Coat- PBI || Dress- Plains & Prints || Tshirt- Gap || Tight- Tutuanna || Shoes- Esperanza || Bag- Versace (Vintage)


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