Fab Felma


Happy Throwback Thursday Everyone!

Throwback Thursday (#tbt) is a popular hashtag if you have instagram. It’s the day wherein you just post something from good ol’ days and simply walk down that memory lane. So today, I thought of going through my archives and talk about my fabulous best friend Felma. I was supposed to do this during her birthday  a few weeks ago but the busy schedule didn’t allow me to. It’s better late than never as the saying goes.

“Never buy fake! Save and buy the real thing because when the day comes when you can already afford, people will think that it’s still fake because they are used to it already.”  This is her mantra and I am totally with her on this.felmaWe both love to recycle clothes and make it look like it’s a totally different outfit.careywit felma

Dec' 2012You can never go wrong with a red lippy and a good sunnies for bad hair days or if you are running late.” 

hhBecause of her I had a love affair with the red lipstick.

We share the love of beautiful clothes and accessories.

bb281677_10150383767323835_260763_nGoing back home to Dumaguete is always a pleasure especially when our other best Rona is there waiting for us.300288_10150483293738835_1905279328_n150964_10151606489903776_363540636_n225372_10150164819768999_4246622_n

Happy Birthday Kangie! Thank you for the love and friendship. Wishing you  more fabulous birthdays to come.

Thank you for reading!



P.S. Here are some ancient pics pre-Japan.2250_62256748834_6165_n2250_62256753834_6581_n


4 thoughts on “Fab Felma

  1. hahahah beautiful post dearie!! 🙂 ikaw na jud ang winner! haha! 😀 bitaw, in all seriousness, you’re right about Felma! She’s a fearless fashionista and beautiful inside and out. Thank you for the friendship, Felms! *group hug!* ❤ 😀

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