Neon and Denims


Hello Everyone!

I hope you are all having a great week so far! I can’t believe i have a new post after 2 days! My official photographer, Rexcy is back after months of hiatus as well. She was so inspired to be back that we have been collaborating here and there to make this blog interesting. Please do watch out for that!

Back in the days, I would go thrift shopping for clothes with my best friend Rona in the Philippines. But when I got here in Japan, it’s mostly bags if its that time of the year already. I just thought that thrift shopping for clothes is too expensive, might as well buy a brand new one. But one fine day, I was lucky enough to buy this denim down jacket in Komehyo, a famous shop for pre-loved stuff. I couldn’t believe on the price too. I really have a fettish for jackets, so why not?! Although the brand is screaming out loud, i figured, once in awhile i could get away with my style esthetic.

Thank your for reading.



Photos by: Rexcy Domingo

IMG_1764IMG_1763IMG_1770 IMG_1769IMG_1767

Down Jacket: Tommy Hilfiger (thrifted)
Shirt: Gap
Pants: Gap
Scarf: Bershka
Booties: Esperanza
Bag: Nine West

P.S. My friends (Ria and Rexcy) and I went to our favorite salon, Quatro for a quarterly trim and color retouch. What do you guys think?



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