Chic Sensei for Re-Dress


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Photos and Video by Ryan Locsin.

Happy Sunday Everyone,

I hope you are all having a great weekend!

When I was in the Philippines last December, my best friends Rona and Felma thought of  having a photoshoot as our last bonding before I go back to Japan. Ryan, Felma’s husband who is a brilliant photographer and now doing videos was also on board with the idea. I honestly couldn’t believe that it would happen because of my very tight schedule. With Felma’s management skills, reminding everyone concerned that the photoshoot was a go, it became a reality.

I arrived at the hotel one hour late because I had a previous engagement. The next thing I knew I was made up by Tita Editha, Felma’s Mother in law. Then Rona came with a big luggage filled with clothes, bags and shoes. For the first time I was a model! I surely got jitters. We had a blast laughing our hearts out. Having your bestfriends cheering at the side for every snap was indeed happiness. In 2 hours we were able to do everything including make up.

I was lucky enough to be the face for Re-dress 2013. It is a high end brand of Veronica’s Closet which my bestfriend Rona, designs and own. Visit it her facebook page here. Available exclusively at Anthill.

Thank you for reading.



**BEHIND THE SCENES**IMG_1475196983_10151606497603776_1356105474_n734059_10151606498898776_1438687377_n553237_10151606522788776_351616706_n304665_10151606526423776_1358122761_n


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