8am to 11pm Chic


Happy Monday Everyone!

Hope your weeekend was a blast! I had such a busy Saturday but I am very happy that I was able to meet Gervin and did some photo ops at Shibuya. This was what I wore to work (Yokohama), hangout with Gervin (Shibuya), anticipated mass (Roppongi) and a bridal shower (Yamato). 3 cities in one day!

Peplum is a hit this year and I almost forgot that I have one in my closet which I bought from my bestfriend Rona’s thrift online store years ago.

I have a “new” purse that I purchased last month at a 2nd hand store. I couldn’t resist the price that I just had to get it. What’s great about it is that, it has 6 looks for a price of one.

Thank you for reading! Hope you like the pics that Gervin took for the post today.



Blouse: Vintage
Belt and pants: Gap
Shoes: a shop in CIAL
purse: Hermes Herbag


The small version of the purse, look number 2. Thank you Ria for these pictures.



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